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Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 2010- just a year behind!!

           So, it is finally sinking in that our little man is going to have what the cleft community refers to as a "Wide Smile." By this point I have done research in this short time then I ever did for any of my 3 college degrees. It is completely overwhelming but comforting at the same time.
            I was fortunate enough to come across an amazing support group on a community board, as well as finding a wonderful blog written by an amazing mom of triplets (one of which has a cleft.) Ami may not realize it, but she has helped me so much along this crazy journey. Reading her blog and the kind words in her messages to me kept me grounded when my world felt like it was turning upside down. It was so nice to see that it really would all be okay when it felt as though it wouldn't be. Thank you Ami, for being so kind and for sharing the story of your Bunchkins with so many!
           Aside from taking this time to educate ourselves on what is to come, we are trying to get Aiden's nursery together and just live life. So far I have the bedding... firemen of course! Just need to order and assemble his furniture, decorate, and wait. Little did we know he would be here before ANY of that was accomplished!
             It is also DERBY TIME is Kentucky and this is a pretty big deal here in Louisville! So as usual, we head over to my grandma's annual Derby party like I have been doing my whole life. I cannot wait until next year, when Aiden will be here with us.
         Also this month is my baby cousin's graduation from grade school. I say baby cousin because that is what she will always be to me, a baby.. not this teenager she has become! She has always been my mini-me, she is an incredibly smart, caring young lady and I am so proud of her. I am also proud of her choice in high schools! She has decided (with a little nudge from yours truly, to go to Mercy! I told you she was smart!) I think I may have cried more than her own mother at the graduation. I love that girl! Later I plan to ask her to be Aiden's Godmother.. wonder what the answer will be?!
         This month has been kind of a blur with fire department banquets, parties, work, doctor's appointments (with  different OB/GYNs- my regular and a specialist.) It is finally time to have some fun on the river for Memorial day! Don't mind my big belly or blinding whiteness. It was way too hot to keep covered up!
      I almost forgot the super cute letters I made for his wall! By the end of May we did have at least one thing ready for his arrival!
I used letters from Hobby Lobby and different scrapbooking papers, ribbons, stickers, and Mod.Podge. I love the way they turned out! I just wish that I would have bought an exacto knife to cut the paper. It would have made things much easier!

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